Top 5 Renowned Online Payment Methods

Online selling and buying goods require fast payment systems that can make dealings easy and effective. In this age of technology, the hand-to-hand cash system has been reduced and all the big and small trades are carried out through online mediums. Several payment services are introduced to the market which allows you to generate transactions at remote corners within your ease and comfort. You need to make some simple clicks and your money is transferred. 

Following are the most commonly used payment methods that are recognized as highly credible and efficient all over the world.

  • Google Pay

It is the most trustworthy and globally used online payment method. It is affiliated with a Google account and uses the credentials and card details that a user adds to his Gmail information. These cards can be gift cards, and loyalty cards offered by brands; any of these can be used for the Google Pay method. It is free to use for both buyers and sellers.  

  • PayPal

It is owned by eBay and is known as the best eCommerce payment medium. People can make an account on PayPal and deposit a handsome amount that can be used in transactions. Credit card numbers can also be stored on PayPal accounts for direct payments. It is most preferred by millions of businesses all over the world due to its simple and quick use. It is also more reliable because of its ensured security. It is much difficult to make an app like PayPal that can be dominant over the digital business to such an extent. 

  • Apple Pay

It is most feasible for iPhone users. It is connected with Apple users’ mobile accounts and people can also make separate Apple Pay accounts. It can be used in all native apps for making in-app purchases and other deals. It can also transfer money to any other payment medium like bank accounts. Apple to Apple pay is completely free while it charges a little fee if the transaction is done between two different payment mediums.

  • Debit Payment

Debit card numbers are widely used in all types of online payments. It is used for direct money transfers in in-app purchases. It can be associated with PayPal, Skrill, and all other online payment methods. It is preferably used by B2B businesses. The direct payments and quick transfer of money save your time and you also don’t need to wait for customers’ invoices as it notifies about the transaction itself. 

  • Bank Transfers

Online bank payments are made possible by the development of mobile banking apps. These apps are highly considerable for their instant performance and protected privacy features. To use these apps you don’t have to create an online account or add debit /credit card numbers. These are directly associated with your bank accounts. 


The abovementioned are the few methods that you can use to make your online dealings feasible yet there are other highly optimized ways that can be used to fulfill the purpose like eBay managed payments and Amazon Pay, etc. All these features are specially designed for a trustworthy relationship between buyers and suppliers in all types of online businesses.

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